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Some Dude 2 years ago
Damn poor guy with the small dick...
He got cheated on right in front of himself
LD (little dick) 2 years ago
I love it when my girlfriend is humiliating me when I watch her other men and showing me how she feels like when she is with a real man. We have a great time together and we are getting married in October 2020
Stephen 2003 2 years ago
darn I would help her suck that big thick cock
Danny 2 weeks ago
What's her name
Braylon 2 years ago
I would have clocked his ass in the mouth
karen 1 month ago
love her style! show him he has much small balls than the other he can do the chores later.....poor baby dick!
leo 4 months ago
slave name please
Kkk 2 years ago
1 year ago
Id beat the fuck out of the cuck for just looking like such a pussy
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I have done this to a small dick boy few years ago it was funny making him cry when that lovely big cock cum all over my face want him to luck it of for me but he ran home good my ex