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1 year ago
So this is how the British conquered India
Dave 1 year ago
So fucking hard
Cuntsucker 1 year ago
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Lina 5 months ago
Loved it.
Big oof alert 7 months ago
Wokies gonna be mad at this :)
KurvA 1 year ago
Bruh hahaha
White Goddess 2 weeks ago
Serve and obey the white goddess!
1 week ago
Still cleaner than bathing in the Ganges!
White POWER 2 weeks ago
Love it
Kenny 2 months ago
Indians like always they will always inferior. How can you allow yourself to be put this situation. The video has no sense. India still have slave mentality and they worship white people. Indians always will remain the toilets of world, inferior race toilet pissers